Anti-amendment vigil set Wednesday night in Chapel Hill

From staff reportsMay 9, 2012 

— A vigil against Amendment One will be held at 7 p.m. tonight (Wednesday) at Peace and Justice Plaza outside the Franklin Street post office.

“We are aware of the dismay that many of our members and friends are experiencing today following the passage of Amendment One in North Carolina,” the Revs Jill and Richard Edens of United Church of Chapel Hill, said in an email announcing the vigil.

Churches are being credited with helping the amendment pass. The co-pastors said tonight’s vigil will help highlight people of faith who opposed and worked against it

“Churches across our state stood with those who would be harmed by this Amendment including the Episcopal dioceses of North Carolina, both Methodist bishops in North Carolina together with the NC Council of Churches and many, many UCC, Baptist, Lutheran, Unitarian, MCC and progressive Pentecostal pastors from across our state,” the email says. “We are aware of the special pain that comes with reading quotes from people saying things like, ‘God’s mercy prevailed.’ Not only is this hurtful to the LGBTQ community, but also to the integrity of God’s word and God’s love.”

Orange County voters overwhelmingly opposed the amendment, which will restrict marriage to one man and one woman and bar other forms of legal domestic union such as civil unions.

The vote in Orange County was 35,988, or 78.9 percent, against the amendment, and 9,597, or 21 percent for the amendment. Voter turnout was 43.6 percent, according to the Board of Elections.

In a news release Wednesday, Orange County GOP Chairman Bob Randall said despite the county results the statewide passage was “a victory for everyone.”

“Opponents of the marriage amendment had predicted dire consequences if the Amendment passed including loss of insurance coverage for same-sex and even heterosexual, non-marital partners, challenges to domestic violence statues and protections and, prohibitions against private party agreements such as end-of-life matters,” the news release said.

“Anyone who was paying attention to the facts of the case knows that many of the same folks who opposed the Amendment have already benefited from this type of coverage to-date with little opposition and they should continue uninterrupted,” Randall said in the release. “Simple Wills and Powers of Attorney protect most folks in these situations anyway, and that is the solution and should allay their fears.”

“It’s unfortunate that opponents used fear, intimidation and lies to support their position,” he added. “In the end, as always, truth wins out – plain and simple. The Amendment was simply designed to define marriage and prevent activist judges from interpreting the law and letting everything from Polygamy to Billie-Bob marrying his pet goat in the spirit of ‘no discrimination.’ Where would it end?”

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