John Rhodes: Magic $30 million

June 1, 2012 

Magic $30 million

While The N&O reports “Higher prices from providers drive health care cost increases” (May 26), it details that UNC Health Care comes to the rescue, after having trounced WakeMed in “free market” competition, by magically producing $30 million to build a new health facility in Wake County designed for indigent and mental health patients.

Where did this $30 million come from? Wouldn’t it be more equitable, cost effective and efficient for taxpayers of the entire state to pay for this facility rather than have it come from a UNC-related health organization that overcharges for its services?

But that wouldn’t do. The mantra of backward North Carolinian is “No new taxes.” (Besides, it’s much easier to allow a not-for-profit state entity to fund a $30 million project by allowing it to exploit the medical needs of a few. This way, those elected can continue giving the impression they are keeping taxes low while meeting our citizens’ needs.)

Wasn’t the General Assembly just recently considering the sale of UNC’s Rex Hospital to WakeMed as a means to help balance the state’s budget? Not amazing, the clout of a $30 million bribe.

John Rhodes


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