Ginger Nelles: Sexism, noticed

June 5, 2012 

Sexism, noticed

I have been a subscriber to The N&O since we moved here in 1984. There have been articles with which I have agreed and those with which I have disagreed. “Power, temptation a seductive mix at the legislature,” on the June 3 front page, I found very offensive as a woman who works on a daily basis with women lobbyists.

I hardly know where to begin with what offended me most – whether it was the comment about women not wearing hose (which I haven’t done for many years and which, in reality, doesn’t make people think I’m in some “other profession”) or the “bait” comment about young female lobbyists or that having an “attractive blond makes a difference” in whether or not a legislator will take a meeting.

This was one of the most sexist articles I've read in a long time in your paper. “A rear-end noticed”? For the first time, you have made me question my loyalty as a subscriber.

Ginger Nelles


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