Kent Fletcher: Prayer over politics

June 12, 2012 

The Board of Education of the Franklin County schools recently voted to ban prayer at the graduation services of the high schools there. The board should have shown courage in standing up for the wishes of the clear majority not the complaint of one parent.

It is ironic that on May 3, National Day of Prayer, the president stated in the first paragraph of his proclamation that “Prayer has always been a part of the American story.” Later in that same document the president states, “I invite all citizens of our nation, as their own faith directs them, to join me in giving thanks for the many blessings we enjoy.”

It is also ironic that the Congress of the United States and the Supreme Court open their sessions with a prayer, yet a high school graduating class is prohibited from doing so. Something is very wrong with this picture!

Seems to me that in a democracy the will of a majority of the people should prevail, and I do not believe in Franklin County this has occurred. Let our children pray – we as a nation could use more prayer and less politics.

Kent Fletcher


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