Barbara Howe: Uninvited

June 26, 2012 


I guess my invitation to the debate sponsored by the N.C. Bar Association was lost in the mail. How else do you explain the missing third candidate in the first meeting of some of the candidates in the race for governor?

Of course, as a Libertarian candidate, I am used to the slight. I don’t like it, mind you, but I am used to it. The people of North Carolina, however, deserve better. They should have an opportunity to hear from all their choices.

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me or anyone else that a debate sponsor might not like to hear ideas that challenge the status quo. There’s much at stake when deciding which of the two big-government, state-sponsored parties to put in charge. The NCBA’s debate showcasing the 1 or 2 per cent difference between D’s and R’s will do nothing to slake the voters appetite for innovation, for some respect for their rights and their privacy, and for long-lost fiscal responsibility.

Perhaps whoever organizes the next gubernatorial debate will see fit to make it a truly non-partisan affair and invite all candidates to the dance. After all, it’s really not that hard to fit three chairs on the stage.

Barbara Howe


The writer is the Libertarian candidate for governor.

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