Light years on Bodie Island

July 23, 2012 

Not too many things that were around in 1872 are still standing, particularly if they happened to be near the ocean, with its occasional hurricanes and more-than-occasional rough seas and winds.

But come the end of this year, it’s hoped, the National Park Service will be ready to reopen the Bodie Island Lighthouse, a grand structure that recalls a time when lighthouses were the key to safe navigation of ships along the Outer Banks. The light stands near Oregon Inlet, south of Nags Head.

Renovation work on the lighthouse was interrupted by a shortage of funds needed to repair corrosion discovered during the first phase of the fix-up. But the Park Service has gotten the money and resumed its work. By December or so, visitors should be able to climb the metal spiral stairs and really get a feel for the old structure. No more need to sneak around with islanders who could help some visitors gain a closer look, shall we say.

We can’t wait for that not-so-little light to shine.

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