Dome: New poll shows McCrory's lead shrinking


Republican Pat McCrory holds a five-point lead over Democrat Walter Dalton, according to a new poll.

McCrory, the former Charlotte mayor, leads Dalton, the lieutenant governor, by a 46-41 percent margin, according to the Rasmussen Reports poll, a Republican-leaning survey.

The last Rasmussen poll, taken June 25, found McCrory leading Dalton by a 49-35 percent margin.

The poll found that McCrory has the support of 76 percent of Republicans, while Dalton has the backing 72 percent of Democrats. McCrory has a 30-point lead among independents, according to the poll. Other findings: McCrory has an eight-point lead among men, but only a three-point lead among women. McCrory has the support of 58 percent of white voters; Dalton has the backing of 78 percent of black voters.

The survey of 500 likely North Carolina voters was conducted Aug.1 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.

$2M in 1 month for Romney

The campaign of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney raised $2 million from 16,000 donors from North Carolinians in July, according to the campaign.

Besides donations sent individually to the campaign, the Romney campaign held two major fundraisers in the state in July. It held a fundraiser in Greensboro featuring Anne Romney, the candidate’s wife and a fundraiser in Raleigh featuring New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

The $2 million figure includes money jointly raised by the Romney campaign and related Republican Party groups It was part of $101.3 million raised nationally by the Romney campaign in July.

Campaigns jostle for spotlight

Campaign offices continue to sprout across the state.

The latest to open is the GOP’s Mooresville “Victory Office,” which held its grand opening Monday evening. Republican House candidate Robert Pittenger and NASCAR’s Jack Roush presided over the event. The Republicans say they now have 20 campaign across the state. (The Obama campaign says it has 30 offices across the state.)

There was a lot of activity over the weekend, including Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus in Mecklenburg County and Georgia GOP Sen. Saxby Chambliss working the east.

The Obama campaign, meanwhile, on Saturday hosted singer Janelle Monae in Chapel Hill as part of a North Carolina Youth Summit. She welcomed students and later gave a concert at The Arts Center in Carrboro.

Billboards on deficit ahead

Public Notice, a Virginia-based group focused on economic and fiscal policy, is launching an advertising campaign that will line some North Carolina roads with billboards decrying the national debt.

The group is calling the campaign “Bankrupting America,” and 48 billboards will be unveiled in 10 states by the end of the week. They’ll display a message that calls for politicians to “stop digging” the country further into debt.

Gretchen Hamel, executive director of Public Notice, said during a press conference Monday that the goal is to capitalize on what she considers the “first time in recent memories (that) Americans are concerned about reckless and wasteful spending.”

“These billboards are to serve as a reminder that our nation is coming up on $16 trillion in debt,” Hamel said.

Signs will go up in other battleground states, including Florida, Ohio and Virginia. They’ll be visible through September 30.

Staff writers Rob Christensen and Austin Baird

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