Richard Huopana: Ship repairs

September 9, 2012 

Ship repairs

Regarding your Sept. 2 editorial “Risky Romney”: Since President Obama's 2009 inauguration, congressional Republicans have worked relentlessly to obstruct him and congressional Democrats from leading our country out of the Great Republican Mess left by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Republicans' goal: Block an Obama second term by extending their Great Mess and its voter dissatisfaction until November 2012.

Yes, for Republicans, regaining the power of the presidency has been a higher priority than getting our country out of their two unfinished, expensive but untaxed, and unnecessary wars; the devastating 2008 collapse of our economy's private sector; solvency-threatening government deficits/debt; and the other Bush-Cheney spoilage Obama inherited.

So, for four ugly years the U.S. has resembled a crippled ship damaged by Reaganomic tax-cutting, Republican-initiated wars, and an inadequately regulated and mismanaged economy's private sector led by off-shoring and obscenely overpaid corporate leaders. But, instead of Republican crew members working with their Democratic captain and crew members to repair the ship, they've sat on their butts questioning the captain's birthplace, religion and whatever.

Republicans now expect dissatisfied voters to reward them by electing Romney to captain our ship – who will then throw overboard Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare. Obama and a Democratic-controlled Congress will repair, not drown, our American system.

Richard Huopana


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