Uptown revival in Charlotte

September 9, 2012 

When the Democrats announced, early last year, that they’d hold their 46th quadrennial convention in Charlotte, it was a first for North Carolina – no major-party convention had ever been held here – and a testament to the rise of the metropolis just north of the South Carolina line.

Mainly, though, it was a measure of North Carolina’s importance in current-day Electoral College arithmetic. Barack Obama’s Democrats had pulled off a stunning, and stunningly narrow, victory here in 2008, and if they could duplicate it this Nov. 6, the president’s chances would be greatly enhanced.

Many Tar Heels, meanwhile, wondered how barbecue-challenged Charlotte would fare in the national spotlight.

While the weather was minimally cooperative – hot and wet were the watchwords – the convention went off without a hitch (albeit without a dramatic closing session outdoors). The reviews were positive, and the Democracy was fired up.

Will that enthusiasm generate another victory? Will the Queen City turn out to be a kingmaker? Stay tuned.

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