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Giglio: Loss to Louisiana-Monroe puts Arkansas in freefall

September 9, 2012 

  • Giglio Top 25 TeamLast week 1. Alabama 1 2. LSU 2 3. USC 3 4. Oregon 4 5. Oklahoma5 6. West Virginia 6 7. Georgia 12 8. Clemson 7 9. Michigan State 8 10. South Carolina 9 11. Florida State 10 12. Ohio State 14 13. Virginia Tech 15 14. Kansas State 17 15. Tennessee 20 16. TCU 21 17. Texas 25 18. Michigan 18 19. Boise State 22 20. Florida NR 21. Oregon State NR 22. Georgia Tech 23 23. UCLA NR 24. Northwestern NR 25. South Florida NR Out: Arkansas (11), Oklahoma State (13), Wisconsin (16), Nebraska (19), Missouri (24)

Editor’s note: Joe Giglio is one of 60 AP voters.

Move over Michigan, you’ve got company.

Arkansas’ home loss to Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday knocked the Razorbacks from No. 8 (11th on my ballot) to out of the top 25.

Only Michigan, which opened the 2007 season at No. 5 before losing to Appalachian State, has ever taken a bigger fall.

Arkansas’ problems weren’t totally unforeseeable, after all, it had to replace its head coach in April. Still, the SEC is represented well, starting with the top two teams — Alabama and LSU — who were both dominant again.

Southern Cal struggled some with the weather, jet lag and mostly a game Syracuse team but remains at No. 3.

Oregon and Oklahoma round out the top five, which did not change from a week ago.

Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Missouri drop off my ballot after surprising road losses in the case of the first three and a lopsided home loss in the case of the Tigers, who got whacked by Georgia, 41-20, in their SEC debut.

I moved Florida (20), Oregon State (21), UCLA (23), Northwestern (24) and South Florida (25) in but the bottom of the poll promises to remain fluid.

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