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Joe Giglio's Top 25 in college football

September 24, 2012 

  • More information Giglio’s AP vote: Florida State moves up

Giglio’s Top 25

1. Alabama 1

2. LSU 2

3. Oregon 3

4. Florida State 8

5. Georgia 6

6. Kansas State 13

7. South Carolina 9

8. Notre Dame 11

9. West Virginia 5

10. Stanford 10

11. Clemson 7

12. USC 15

13. Florida 14

14. Texas 16

15. Ohio State 12

16. Oklahoma 4

17. Oregon State NR

18. TCU 17

19. Michigan State 18

20. Tennessee 23

21. Boise State 21

22. Louisville 22

23. Northwestern 25

24. UCLA 20

25. Mississippi State NR

Out: Michigan (19), Arizona (24)

Editor’s note: Joe Giglio is one of 60 AP voters.

It’s only September, but the dominoes are starting to fall in the BCS race and they are falling Florida State’s way.

Oklahoma, the favorite in the Big 12, joined Pac-12 favorite Southern California in the one-loss detention cell, with its shocking 24-19 home loss to Kansas State.

The unbeaten Pac-12 and Big 12 teams have a much tougher road to Miami than the Seminoles, who cleared their biggest hurdle with a 49-37 home win over Clemson.

Even LSU struggled Saturday, with a 12-10 home win against a previously struggling Auburn team, so maybe there will be intrigue in the BCS race this year, after all.

The Sooners (16) take the biggest fall in this week’s poll, down 12 spots from No. 4, and the Wildcats jump up seven spots to No. 6, behind Georgia, FSU, Oregon and the two SEC teams.

Oregon State (17) and Mississippi State (25) are the newcomers, and both of the Beavers’ wins came against ranked opponents. or

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