Deep-fried Girl Scout cookies at this year's N.C. State Fair

Staff writerOctober 2, 2012 

The new "it" food at the N.C. State Fair will likely be deep-fried Girl Scout cookies.

Scott Strother with S2 Concessions has partnered with the North Carolina Coastal Pines chapter of the Girl Scouts to offer the deep-fried Caramel deLites, or the cookie formerly known as Samoas. (The partnership marks the girl scouts' 100th anniversary.)

Strother admits he was inspired by a vendor at the Texas State Fair, who also introduced deep-fried Caramel deLites this year although Strother says his method is a different. Strother says he freezes the cookies for 24 hours, dips them in batter and briefly deep fries them. "It melts in your mouth," Strother reports.

The cookies will sell for $5 a tray. Strother isn't sure yet how many you will get for that price. He says the chocolate caramel cookies turn out very fluffy due to the batter made at Atkinson Mill, a grist mill in Selma.

Strother's tent is located near the kiddy land area beside the Commercial and Education buildings. But he should be easy to spot with the banner shown above.

It sounds like Strother will not run out of cookies to deep fry. "I'm sitting on 7,000 boxes," he says. That's equal to 100,500 cookies.

The N.C. State Fair runs from Oct. 11-21 at the fairgrounds in Raleigh.

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