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  • A sampling of Goldman family incident reports: 4/21/10 5:36 p.m. Steve Goldman is at Cary Police Department “concerned because someone had placed plastic forks into the ground near his mailbox,”according to the report, and that day “he found some plastic forks on his driveway.” The officer offered to do further investigation, but Goldman “was satisfied with suggestions for motion sensor lights. He said he might set up a video camera.” 8/11/11 6:26 p.m. Debra Goldman calls. She states she has been separated for two weeks and she “stated the husband has emptied the bank account and said he was going to turn off the utilities. She has already sought counsel for the property and custody issues.” She told police there had been domestic violence issues in the past. Police instructed her about domestic violence protective orders. It was unknown where her husband was living at the time. No immediate threats of violence. 10/04/11 11:07 a.m. Debra Goldman called about violation of a court order at about 5:40 p.m. on 9/26/11 at 505 Nantucket Drive. Her son, Zachary Goldman, 17, is listed under “others involved.” 10/15/11 2 minutes after midnight Call to 505 Nantucket Drive about a domestic violence protection order violation. Shotguns, a rifle, BB gun and ammunition were collected by police for safekeeping. 1/28/12 1:40 p.m. Steve Goldman called. He was seeking information about recovering firearms he believes were placed in the custody of Cary PD by his estranged wife. 5/07/12 11:41 a.m. Escorted and supervised inspection of rifles and shotguns belonging to Goldman family. Steven Goldman conducted the inspection of his guns. 5/14/12 2:23 p.m. Steve Goldman called to see if cops would escort him to his house when he retrieves personal belongings. 5/31/12 9:01 a.m. Police respond to call from Debra Goldman, who reported allegations of fraud and impersonation. 6/19/12 9:33 a.m. Debra Goldman called to let police know that she had moved to 104 Coatbridge Circle. On 6/18/12, she said, someone “assembled her water fountain that she had moved from her home at 505 Nantucket. “She believes it is her ex-husband trying to send her a message like in the movie ‘Sleeping With the Enemy.’ ” The pieces are heavy, and she had not yet decided where to assemble the fountain. It was assembled next to her driveway. She contacted friends to see if anyone had assembled it as a ‘nice gesture’ and no one had. She did not know at the time where Steve Goldman was staying.” 6/28/12 10:48 p.m. Suspicious activity reported. Caller states they have a wooden rifle used for color guard. They were told not to bring it to the door. Mom at dinner. Parents will be home in a couple of hours. Both are only 14 years old. The girls are in the closet. Hearing footsteps in the home, hearing things falling in the kitchen. 08/13/12 9:01 a.m. Debra Goldman calls. Tells police ex-husband might be forging her signature on rental contracts for property they own jointly. 10/19/12 8:41 p.m. Matthew Goldman asked police to escort him to his parents’ home so he could collect belongings. Asked him to call his mother and call them when they could come back. He will be in a white 2009 Chrysler town and Country.

— Wake schools board member Debra Goldman’s report of a burglary at her home wasn’t the only Goldman call to Cary police. She and her family have made dozens of reports involving fears of theft, intruders and domestic disputes.

Goldman, who is now seeking higher office as the Republican candidate for state auditor, and her family were involved in at least three dozen incidents since January 2010 that have required assistance from or investigation by Cary police.

Goldman, 49, was elected to the Wake County school board in 2009 during a Republican sweep. Almost two months after the Dec. 1, 2009, swearing in of the new candidates, Cary police were called to Goldman’s home at 505 Nantucket Drive for an incident that was referred to investigations, but later closed with the disposition declared “unfounded.”

In the ensuing two years, Cary police have been called to Goldman’s home or visited at department headquarters by her or her family members to investigate suspicious noises, plastic forks in the driveway, reported thefts and burglaries.

In one such report, Goldman listed fellow school board member Chris Malone, a Republican also seeking a seat in the state House of Representatives, as a suspect in which she claimed $100,000 in jewelry, $20,000 in cash and $10,000 of silver coins were stolen from her home.

Malone was interviewed by Cary investigators, according to a police report about the June 2010 incident, and dropped as a suspect.Neither Goldman nor Malone returned repeated requests for comment since Friday.

Cary police acknowledged that Goldman reported the burglary, providing the incident report, but declined to provide further details, citing North Carolina public records law.

Police released other public incident reports in which they were called to the Goldman home at a time when the school board member and her husband were experiencing marital strife that led to several civil filings in the Wake County courts.

Steven and Debra Goldman were married in 1993, according to court documents and police reports. They are now living separately and engaged in civil litigation over the distribution of their assets and custody of their children, according to court documents. In addition, they’ve requested protection orders against each other.

This past June, Debra Goldman called police to report her fears about finding a water fountain she moved from the home she had shared with her husband to her new home.

“She believes it is her ex-husband trying to send her a message like in the movie ‘Sleeping With the Enemy,’” a June 19 police report states. The pieces are heavy and she had not yet decided where to assemble the fountain, but it was assembled in her driveway, according to the report. As officers suggested, she contacted friends to see if anyone had assembled it as a ‘nice gesture’ and no one had, according to the report.

Debra Goldman’s son, Matthew Goldman had an encounter with police in February 2011, when he was 21 and arrested on a felony larceny charge for allegedly disabling an anti-theft device to steal an Xbox 360 Kinect at a Target store in Raleigh. The charge was reduced to misdemeanor larceny as part of an agreement with prosecutors.

In some of their encounters with Cary police, officers mentioned Debra Goldman’s position on the Wake County school board. Some times her name was left off incident reports, but her address was included.

After Debra Goldman reported the June 12, 2010, burglary, an investigator’s notes six days later state:

“I sent out a notice to NCCIS in reference to this burglary,” referring to a statewide network that law enforcement officers elsewhere are able to peruse. “I did not use the name of the victim given her title.”

Pat Bazemore, chief of the Cary police department, said Sunday that it is her philosophy that public officials in her bailiwick are treated the same as others.

She did not have the incident reports in front of her on Sunday afternoon and was unable to comment about specifics.

Bazemore said it was not unusual for police to be called numerous times to a home during separations, divorces and child custody disputes.

In some cases, Bazemore said, police are actively engaged with such families and she could not say whether the number of encounters with the Goldmans was large, average or small.

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