Friends gathered

October 22, 2012 

It was a mighty sad day in February when those seniors for whom the YWCA on Raleigh’s East Hargett Street was a place of fun and fellowship were told the facility was closing. Those good folks felt adrift.

And now, they’re anchored again.

The Gathering Place church, in the Walnut Creek subdivision, is going to welcome the 150 or more seniors who were shut out of good times and comforting friendship last winter. And in addition to the seniors affected by the YWCA closure, all those over 55 in Southeast Raleigh will be welcomed. Volunteers will help run the facility.

It’s not easy for older folks to get around, sometimes, and because of the difficulty of transportation they can become isolated. Programs such as this one are therefore truly important.

It is heartening to see that those in the community, and at this generous church, recognized a need and moved to do something about it. So c’mon in, folks. And say hello to old friends and to new ones.

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