Police name suspect in sexual offense against a minor at Cary Academy

akenney@newsobserver.comOctober 31, 2012 

— Cary police have named a suspect in a sexual offense against a minor reported at Cary Academy last Friday. Police are seeking Alfredo Martinez Lopez, 36, of Raleigh, who was working with a cleaning crew at the private school.

The Cary Police department suspects Lopez committed a forcible, physical sex act on Oct. 26 against a male under the age of 16; police haven't disclosed further details of the offense, which was reported to have occurred in a bathroom on the school campus.

"He allegedly forced the juvenile into a sex act," said Captain Don Hamilton. Police say the victim was not a Cary Academy student, but say they'll withhold his name in an effort to protect his anonymity. The victim was not visiting Cary Academy as part of any public event, school program or school activity, said school spokeswoman Lynne Fountain.

Police plan to charge Lopez with three counts of statutory rape, a charge that can be made when adults engage in sexual acts with children under 16. Police suspect Lopez committed three forcible, physical acts within a period of less than 15 minutes at about 8 p.m. on Oct. 26.

Officers have been in contact with Lopez and "what he's described as his attorneys," Hamilton said, but they haven't yet arrested the man.

"We've worked with them to have him turn himself in. He has not done so," Hamilton said.

Police haven't released the suspect's address, citing public records law, but say he's a resident of the Wynslow Park apartment complex in northeast Raleigh; criminal records list an address on Coburn Place. Criminal records show Lopez was convicted three times since last November of driving without a license.

Lynne Fountain, the school spokeswoman, said that the incident did not point to any shortcoming of school security protocol, as neither the suspect nor victim were students or visitors to the school.

"Our students are chaperoned. Our coaches stay with our youngsters until they're picked up. This is a situation that didn't involve anyone here - these people were not following any procedures that we have," Fountain said. That said, the closure of the case will bring some closure to the academy, which has never witnessed a similar incident, she said.

"The apprehension of Mr. Lopez can not happen soon enough for people here," she said.

Cary police urge anyone with information on the whereabouts of Lopez to call the police department 919-469-4012, or Cary Crime Stoppers at 919-226-2746.

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