Movie Mashup Game: Halloween edition answers

CorrespondentNovember 1, 2012 

  • More information 1. Raymond Chandler meets Ichabod Crane, starring Johnny Depp and Humphrey Bogart The Big Sleepy Hollow 2. John Cusack plays murderous twin gynecologists in Hollywood’s creepiest teen comedy\ Better Off Dead Ringers 3. Married spies Brad and Angelina square off against extradimensional monsters in Stephen King’s foggy horror story. The Mister and Mrs. Smith 4. Flower power meets the slasher film in producer Joss Whedon’s meta horror concert film. The Cabin in the Woodstock 5. Depp returns, with Icelandic pixie Björk, in director Lars von Trier reboot of a campy ’60s soap opera. Dancer in the Dark Shadows 6. Robin Williams inspires undead prep school kids in George Romero’s original zombie classic. Night of the Living Dead Poets Society 7. Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe tackles his first leading man role – unfortunately, it’s as a disturbed NYC ballerina. The Woman in Black Swan 8. Orson Welles and Sam Raimi co-direct as Janet Leigh fights noir demons in the woods. Touch of Evil Dead 9. A teen house party gets out of control when mutant superheroes attempt a student film in the haunted woods of Maryland. (3 films) The Blair Witch Project X-Men 10. Fighter pilot Tom Cruise and blind Army officer Al Pacino join Brazilian chef Penelope Cruz on a bloody spelunking trip. (4 films) The Descent of a Woman on Top Gun

Our Halloween edition Mashup Game didn’t scare anybody away; y’all jumped right in. Sharla Coleman of Chapel Hill was our randomly selected winner. She’ll get something appropriately spooky for her triumph.

Here are the answers

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