Doris Justice: Malone’s ‘good’ kids

November 2, 2012 

Malone’s ‘good’ kids

In his current campaign robo-call, Chris (not Charles) Malone says he wants to “get the good kids out of failing schools so that every kid has a great education.” Considering this beyond the sound bite, if Malone believes all our kids are “good,” then what does he do with the school? Close it?

If only some of our kids are “good,” then does he believe that leaving all the not-good kids in one school is the solution? So this is his approach on our Board of Education?

Who are the good ones? The ones who can afford tuition? Or transportation and to provide their own lunches at a charter school? Are there no poor “good” kids?

Has Malone considered addressing the needs of the school so that it’s a good school for all our kids? State House District 35 [where Malone is the Republican candidate] deserves better than Chris Malone’s ill-considered verbiage for bad ideas.

Doris Justice


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