Holly B. Blanton: Cut waste, fund pre-K

November 2, 2012 

Cut waste, fund pre-K

Congratulations to Gov. Beverly Perdue for having the guts to stand up to the state Republican budget makers and ensure that 6,300 low-income 4-year-olds will get the chance to attend pre-K and hopefully not have to start school handicapped by lack of early education. What foresight Perdue has shown . Not only will those children benefit from her wisdom but so will our entire state as they hopefully are encouraged to grow into all of their God-given potential.

As for how to help pay for it – start by asking leaders of our legislature if they could consider foregoing the two Highway Patrol cars and two large SUVs one legislator had escorting him on recent personal recreation time. Seriously, four cars to protect one man and these automobiles were kept running the whole time. Is this required by state law because of Sept. 11, or could it be one ridiculous expense we could choose to cut to help educate our children? How many other obviously unnecessary expenditures could they cut in order to pay for education?

Republicans campaign on wanting to cut back our government expenses. Fine. Why not start with their own waste of our tax dollars instead of haggling over critical needs for defenseless children.

Holly B. Blanton, LCSW


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