John Hamilton: Who’s extreme?

November 2, 2012 

Who’s extreme?

The N&O write-up on the endorsement of Linda Coleman by Dana Cope and the State Employees Association was a waste of perfectly good newspaper. I am baffled by Cope’s referring to Dan Forest as an extremist because the most notorious memory I have of Cope is the time he was speaking at a rally on the Legislative Plaza and referred to the legislators passing by as “cockroaches.”

Cope has had some “extreme” personal financial problems in the past. I also recall his being escorted from the Legislative Building by police.

I am a state employee, and I do not belong to this association because I have never seen any benefit. I think dues to this organization would be better spent on stationery, envelopes and postage to write the legislators.

As for this political endorsement, I am reminded of a “Seinfeld” episode in which George one day decided to do the opposite and it worked out well.

John Hamilton, Raleigh

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