Michael Drillings: The fracking spiral

November 2, 2012 

The fracking spiral

On Oct. 17, Bill Holman wrote an excellent Point of View piece “Four decades of clean water.” However, fracking will make sure our water will be unfit to drink. How? North Carolina’s major shale formation runs under Lee, Moore, Chatham, Wake and Durham counties. Test wells indicate shale gas in Lee. Lee County shale actually lies within the aquifer and comes to the surface. The remaining shale lies about 500 meters below the aquifer, less than the 600 meters needed to preclude extra long fractures from piercing the aquifer.

Whether fracking uses liquid propane, thermogenics or the toxic Halliburton cocktail, the fractured shale-produced water will carry with it heavy metals, radium, radon and methane directly into the aquifer using the fractures and the present natural faults as conduits.

This will affect our water from Jordan Lake. House property values will drop as they have in other fracked states. Landowners’ insurance companies will drop coverage of those who have sold their mineral rights, which in turn will cause banks to foreclose on houses, businesses and farms.

Michael Drillings


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