Vincent DiSandro Sr.: GOP resisters

November 3, 2012 

GOP resisters

I wish liberals would get their history straight before they make these tired accusations that Republicans plotted from the night of the inauguration to destroy President Obama (“Plotted to destroy,” Oct. 31 letter).

When Obama was elected the Democrats had control of the Senate and the House and could and did do, exactly what they wanted for the first two years. Whenever Republicans tried to have some input to policy the Democrats’ attitude as annunciated by Rahm Emanuel was “[Expletive] ... we have the votes.”

What they did with their two-year free pass was borrow and waste $831 billion on a failed stimulus which created no jobs but rewarded their campaign donors. They also “deemed to have passed” the wildly unpopular disaster which is Obamacare with no input and no votes from Republicans.

In 2010 the American people said enough and sent Republicans to Congress to stop the madness. What did Obama and the Democrats do? Pay heed to what the people wanted? Move to the center? No, they doubled down on spending and their radical left-wing agenda.

What do you do if someone is trying to take all your money and that of your children and grandchildren? You resist. That is what the Republicans have done.

Vincent DiSandro Sr.


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