Michael Hancock: Progress with Obama

November 3, 2012 

Progress with Obama

No one is happy with the slow and uneven recovery from recession. Many people are saying it is time for a change, any change. But not every change is for the better. Mitt Romney promotes policies that on the surface sound good but which he simply can’t deliver. His tax policies especially don’t add up. Respected independent economists say they would increase middle-class taxes or add to the deficit. They just won’t work and for most of us would likely make things worse, not better.

However reasonable he sounded in the debates, Romney carries with him the baggage of extreme Republican policies, ideology, and Bush-era advisers; not just on the economy but also on foreign policy, environmental and social issues.

I agree that President Obama has not done as good a job as we, or he himself, would have wished in these trying times. But his policies stopped the economic free fall and actually are working, if slowly, to improve the economy. Re-electing Barack Obama is still the better choice than betting on impossible promises and failed policies from the past, no matter how attractive and plausible their current advocate.

Michael Hancock


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