N&O to charge for digital content starting Dec. 19

November 3, 2012 

The News & Observer announced this week that it will begin charging for digital content starting Dec. 19.

The newspaper’s e-edition, which looks the same as the print paper; all content on the N&O’s website, newsobserver.com; and content on its mobile site and iPhone and Android smartphone apps will move behind a pay wall.

The e-edition and the N&O Zone Subscriber Rewards will be completely behind the pay wall. Users accessing content on other platforms will get a limited number of page views over a 30-day period before they will be asked to subscribe.

Visitors will receive 15 page views on the website, 20 page views on the mobile site and 60 page views on smartphone apps.

All current print subscribers of the N&O will have their subscription converted to a print-and-digital subscription Dec. 19. The subscription, called N&O Plus, will provide free access to all digital platforms until the print subscription expires.

The cost of renewing a subscription will include the digital package, and will amount to an increase of $2.46 every four weeks or $32 a year. Subscribers will be able to opt out of the digital package and convert to print only by calling or emailing the N&O’s Customer Service Department.

Readers who do not subscribe to the print paper can purchase digital access for 99 cents for the first month, and the subscription will automatically renew at $6.95 per month. They can also purchase an annual digital subscription for $69.95.

The N&O also plans to increase the cost of its weekend and Sunday subscriptions Dec. 19. The rates on both will increase by $5 a year.

Staff writer David Bracken

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