Leila Sinclair: Deeds, not beliefs

November 5, 2012 

Deeds, not beliefs

I think it is more important to vote for a president based on what he or she is going to do for the country rather than his or her religious beliefs. Freedom of religion and speech as guaranteed by the Constitution is what has made our country a great place to be. I like that our laws are based on sensibility and what's best for the majority of all people.

My mother voted for Mitt Romney because of his moral beliefs. While I don’t question Romney’s character and heart, I voted for Romney because I most align myself with his vision for America. I am very enthusiastic about what our country can be. I think Romney will work hard to make America a better place to be.

Both President Obama and Romney are Americans. Both are good men. I don’t care what religion they are as long as they remember separation of church and state in making laws since we all have our own views of God. I think it’s enduring that Romney mentions God in his speech; it brings us together under one nation. God is still God no matter what religion he’s found in.

Leila Sinclair


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