Buck Burwell: T. Romney’s merits

November 5, 2012 

T. Romney’s merits

Froma Harrop’s snarky, disingenuous comments about Mitt Romney's son and private equity are typical of her slanted commentary (“Romney’s son and Solamere,” Nov. 3 column). She forgets to mention that private equity investors take huge risks with their capital with no guarantees of return. If it weren’t for private equity investors our economy would be in much worse shape and many more people would be unemployed today. Informed people know these earnings are taxed at 15 percent because taxes have already been paid on that money.

Harrop conveniently forgets to mention the cozy fraudulent deals like Solyndra and GM that her lefty friends in the Obama administration are known for. Unlike our current treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, I’ll bet Romney's past tax returns are properly filed.

I know the guys at Sun Capital. They take huge risks by investing in companies that aren’t doing well and have saved many companies and countless jobs over the years. I know Tagg Romney and find him to be sincere, well intended, hard-working and genuine.

Buck Burwell


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