Dan Coleman: Fracker’s prayers

November 5, 2012 

Fracker’s prayers

James Womack, chairman of the N.C. Mining & Energy Commission, wants to begin commission meetings with a prayer (“Fracking board establishes its rules,” Nov. 3 news article). This is the same Lee County commissioner who declared that he is a “pro-drilling, pro-business advocate."

One wonders if the God worshiped by Womack is the same one who cannot be served alongside mammon, who promises that his wrath “will destroy those who destroy the earth.” During a week when fears about the ecological impact of fossil fuel burning are heightened by a catastrophic storm, Womack’s misguided priorities and false religiosity promise poor leadership for the state that entrusts him with protecting our vital water supplies.

Elizabeth Ouzts of Environment North Carolina described Womack as a commissioner who “is in a rush to frack and dismisses the science on water contamination out of hand.” North Carolina deserves better.

Dan Coleman


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