Jim Kerr: Trustworthy judge

Jim Kerr: Trustworthy judge

November 5, 2012 

Trustworthy judge

I have known Judge Sam Ervin IV as an adversary in the hearing room, a colleague on the state Utilities Commission and a personal friend for more than two decades. Without hesitation, or qualification, he can be trusted with all things and in all ways, including a seat on the N.C. Supreme Court. Those who imply otherwise either do not know him, know better and should be ashamed, or disregard the truth in a desperate attempt to advance or protect some special interest.

By all accounts, Ervin’s opponent is a fine person, and it is unfortunate that he and Ervin have become caught up in this desperate attempt by others to advance their own special interests. These efforts, and those who explicitly or implicitly endorse them, have crossed a line, and this is sad for both candidates and for our state. The good news for these folks is that if Ervin is elected, they can trust that he will treat them fairly, impartially and in accordance with the law. In this regard their special interests are no different than any others, which is as it should be.

Jim Kerr


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