William Everett: Skeptical on CO{-2}

November 6, 2012 

Skeptical on CO

Hurricane Sandy has been used, by some columnists and politicians, to increase their calls for action to prevent what they call man’s destructive influence upon the world’s climate. Man-made carbon dioxide (CO) has been anointed as the principal villain causing climate change that fuels destructive storms like Hurricane Sandy.

The foundation upon which this idea has been built appears to be a correlation between the rate of increase of CO in the atmosphere and rising temperatures on earth. But what if the rise in atmospheric CO does not precede temperature rise but, instead, lags behind that rise? That is the finding of a recently completed study by a team of Scandinavian scientists who report that increased CO levels lag behind temperature rise by 12 months over the oceans and by nine months over land.

Unless this study is invalidated by proper scientific means, the argument that manmade CO is adversely affecting our climate is itself invalidated. Before we as a nation and a world waste more money to solve a nonexistent CO problem, we should call for more science and less propaganda concerning this issue.

William Everett


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