Kenneth Hudson: Unfair job market

November 6, 2012 

Unfair job market

Why is Eastern North Carolina so far behind other parts of the state when it comes to jobs and prosperity? For years, higher wealth counties have greedily consumed resources that were intended to be used statewide. We are probably 10 years behind the Triangle and Triad in terms of jobs, roads, health care and education. We seem to be just “country hicks” to the powers that be in this state.

Shouldn’t this state be for every citizen and want to see that we all prosper and have affordable health care? I say this because I am an unemployed worker who was let go after 24 years of employment.

I asked the lady at the employment office why we have such low wages, and she said because we have so many who can fill those jobs out there. We have so many Hispanics in this state that it has begun to affect the job market for our native North Carolinians. I guess I am writing because I don’t have any resources left to live on and the job market for a 55-year-old man looks bleak, especially when you are competing for jobs with somebody who will work for nothing.

Kenneth Hudson

Deep Run

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