Terry Kelly: Signage messes

November 6, 2012 

Signage messes

I wonder if, with all the polls, anyone ever did a study on the effectiveness of the roadway signs posted to mess up our environment? We have a poll for everything else political, why not one for the campaign signs?

All our politicians should make their volunteers go from town to city to county to state to clean up the mess of signs left for “their” candidate. Folks don’t realize their taxes are paying for the cleanup by the cities, towns and state for roadway messes left by these signs. Better yet, make the candidates (win or lose) take a van and clean up after the mess that is left.

Political signs should be limited to just the polling locations during early voting and on voting day. Let the media be responsible for providing insight into the candidates for the months prior to the elections, not the roadways. Our towns, cities, and roadways would look a lot cleaner. And we wouldn’t be paying taxes to clean up someone else’s mess.

Terry Kelly


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