Makeup master Bobbi Brown aims to inspire confidence

Miami HeraldNovember 7, 2012 

— Bobbi Brown has been in the makeup business awhile and worked with her share of celebrities.

But what the New Jersey resident, 55, really wants us to know is that not everyone’s perfect.

In her latest book, “Pretty Powerful: Beauty Stories to Inspire Confidence” (Chronicle, $29.95), the beauty guru spoke with women from all walks of life: athletes, actresses, even a restaurant manager and massage therapist.

The one common trait? “Everyone feels bad about the way they look – I don’t care if you’re the secretary of state or a supermodel or a teacher or the mom going to work and dropping her kids off,” says the Chicago native, who acknowledges that it’s harder for those in the public eye. “Can you imagine being photographed all the time?“

Some stars expect the scrutiny and work hard to perfect themselves. It’s not realistic, though.

“We see these images and think, ‘Oh my God, so and so had a baby three months ago and lost all the weight.’ ‘Look at those shoes. I can’t afford.’ It’s an important message that this is a very small percentage of the population.”

One celebrity who embraces the Bobbi Brown code is Katie Holmes, who recently became the face of the brand that began in 1991 as Bobbi Brown Essentials. Since 1995, the company has been part of Estee Lauder, but Brown retains control.

There were similarities between the earthy actress and the cosmetics titan.

“We’re both brunette, we’re both from the Midwest and focus on the family more than our career,” says Brown. “Katie’s energy and simplicity just really got to me. I’d never used a celebrity before and I thought, ‘How cool.’ Everyone is so proud that she’s doing what’s right for her. She’s a perfect role model.”

As for Brown, she looks great for her age. Of course, makeup is key. She won’t leave home without mascara, a little blush and concealer.

“It makes me feel better – that’s the whole secret,” she says.

And Brown doesn’t have to worry about sharing her goodies. She and husband, lawyer Steven Plofker, have three boys.

“I come home, and no one talks about nails and makeup or being fat or being thin.”

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