Charles B. Keeling: Sign from above?

November 7, 2012 

Sign from above?

I've already seen several articles both online and in print that echo the sentiment of your lead article on the election results in positing that “What may have helped Obama most was superstorm Sandy.” Clearly the storm was a difference maker in the minds of the likes of the mayor of New York City and the governor of New Jersey.

Which raises a pertinent question or two I’d like to pose to our own Rev. Billy Graham: Superstorm Sandy would fall into the category of an “act of God.” would it not? I mean, meteorological events are certainly not something that can be ordered up by a Democrat or even the biggest liberal PAC, right?

Given that only God could have been responsible for bringing Sandy along right on the eve of the election (knowing as He did the effect it would have on the election), how does Graham account for God’s intervening in the particular way, despite both the earnest prayers and the advertising dollars of Graham and his organization? Is God, perhaps, trying to tell Graham something?

Charles B. Keeling


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