Billy Moss: Media cover-up

November 7, 2012 

Media cover-up

It is a pitiful shame that our country’s news media can decide an election. Everything negative about President Obama never mentioned, and Mitt Romney scrutinized every step.

We have a president who is against biblical principles, but that is not mentioned by the media, or the cover-up of the ambassador murders, is for gay marriages, has tripled our debt, has Bill Clinton (of all people ) to tell the people that Romney lies.

Our country has gone to the dogs, one day God is going to say “that’s enough.” I bet half of the votes that Obama got were from people who do not care for our country or the people who died in the wars protecting it – they were carried to the polls and told who to vote for, they do not have a clue.

God will have the final word, and it won’t be long coming, then let’s see how much Joe Biden laughs then. The news media is supposed to tell the people the truth, maybe they all should be replaced.

Billy Moss


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