Andrew Silton: Made it work

November 7, 2012 

Made it work

I have just completed three weeks of being an election observer. We entered this election cycle with partisans on both side of the political spectrum fearing voter fraud, suppression or intimidation. While there were scattered reports around the state of incidents, there was also a remarkable story of the dedication of the various county boards of election, and the effort they made to make one-stop early voting and Election Day a success.

If you voted in North Carolina, you came face-to-face with a group of fine public servants and volunteers from the Board of Elections. For the past two and a half weeks these folks have faced a steady stream of voters under the glare of partisan observers. I’ve been at polling stations in four counties, and these folks have been courteous and helpful in each and every instance.

When voters became frustrated because they’d come to the wrong precinct or weren’t certain about the ballot or registration requirements, I heard the same patient voices in Orange, Durham, Wake and Cumberland Counties. I saw people dedicated to doing right by the voters of our state.

Thank you to every last person who manned our precincts for upholding the election laws of North Carolina and helping us exercise our right to vote.

Andrew Silton

Chapel Hill

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