Jean-Christian Rostagni: White House morality

November 7, 2012 

White House morality

The Nov. 6 “What a hero” letter is interesting. It shows what people’s priorities are. Here we have a fellow trying to find something to desperately hang his hat on. The argument is that the Democrats’ adoration for Bill Clinton shows our lack of morals since he (Bill Clinton) committed adultery, including in the Oval Office.

I assume the letter-writer just came back from a long stay on the moon or another planet. Since the Clinton years, there have been the Bush years, which precipitated not only this nation but also the whole world into a calamitous economic crisis and which started two wars, including one for totally phony reasons, that have killed about 100,000 innocents.

Now, to us immoral Democrats that is really obscene, and in my book at least, the perpetrators should be rotting in jail and for long. Compare that to the Clinton style: good humor, the best political speaker we know, real smarts and eight years of absolute prosperity. Yeah, if that comes at the price of adultery, well, that is not our business; let Hillary Clinton deal with that.

Jean-Christian Rostagni


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