Foster Thorbjornsen: GOP pouters

November 8, 2012 

GOP pouters

One hopes the GOP learns some constructive lessons from the recent election. But listening to conservative talk radio, I doubt they will. Instead of soul-searching to understand why most Americans rejected the GOP agenda, they rant in stunned disbelief about how everyone else can be so wrong. They continue demeaning and demonizing Obama voters as being ignorant of or infatuated with President Obama. They blame Obama for everything and credit him for nothing.

More disturbingly, they continue talking of obstructionism and no compromise, and hysterical self-fulfilling predictions of national doom. If you can't play by their rules, then they will just take their ball and go home. When the right stops acting like spoiled children and begins showing more moderation and respect to those who disagree with them, perhaps then they will be taken more seriously by more Americans.

Foster Thorbjornsen


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