Steve Compton: Democratic looks

November 9, 2012 

Democratic looks

The more I hear about the new Democratic coalition that cinched the re-election of President Obama, the more I get an eerie feeling that female, minority, youth and gay voters who supported him see me and think that I have to be a Republican, since I am male, white, retired and Protestant clergy. Not so. And I suspect that I am not the only person in my demographic niche that would rather be part of a party that looks like all of the United States of America than like the mostly monochrome face of today’s Republican Party.

As a product of the South, a conservative upbringing, lots of church and exposure to more than a few Billy Graham crusades on television and in person, I can’t explain why I’m not a Republican. Perhaps it’s because what the Democratic Party stands for today looks to me a lot more like the Kingdom of God I learned about in Sunday School than what’s being portrayed by the other party.

Steve Compton


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