Larry Edwards: GOP – wise up

November 9, 2012 

GOP – wise up

Just a few observations from an independent voter who split his ticket, and who believes we need a strong two party system:

Republicans just lost a presidential race that by most measures they should have won against a weak candidate that should have been easy to defeat. They lost seats in the Senate that should have been easy wins and they shouldn’t read too much into retaining the House. That was more a function of redistricting than support. We are now at the point where instead of voters choosing their representatives, the representatives are choosing their voters.

To quote former Bush administration official Nicole Wallace, the Republican Party need not concern itself first with whether it is going to be the conservative party or a more moderate one, it needs to stop being the “stupid party.” When they defeat viable candidates for winnable seats and select people like Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock and Linda McMahon, that is being the stupid party.

The Republican Party has a cancer on its right flank and unless it can get it into remission, it is on its way to being a permanent opposition minority. That is not good for the party and it is not good for the country.

Larry Edwards


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