Howard Kellogg: In memoriam

November 9, 2012 

In memoriam

She died on Nov. 6, 2012. Her passing was a shock to many of us. She was a troubled lady, showing her age, but seemingly still full of fight. Always independent and strong-minded, she had been a great leader and inspiration in her youth and for most of her adulthood.

In the end she was only as strong as her children and in the end they abandoned her. They began fighting amongst each other over her great wealth. Some respected her and loved her greatly. Others thought her a relic of history, a failed attempt at equality, as obsolete as the hereditary rulers of centuries past. It seems that the looters have won.

They will pick her bones now and redistribute her remaining wealth as they see fit. The others, the ones who still loved her, weep at her passing. She had always been there for them, their parents and grandparents for over 230 years. She was stubborn and had her faults. Mistakes had been made, but she always tried to rectify them, to make each decade better than the last.

Now, with her passing, the world has grown darker. Her enemies will fill the void. Without her wisdom, her strength, her passion for freedom, we are truly alone.

Goodbye, dear lady. We will miss you.

Howard Kellogg


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