Chuck Kavcsak: Foreign help absent

November 9, 2012 

Foreign help absent

The news and national conversation is now focused on the national election and the aftermath of Sandy in the Northeast. The latter is one of the most devastating events our country has experienced. The numerous stories of destruction, both physical and human, should bring all Americans together, and have, in such a time of tragedy. We even see political rivals getting it right.

What is really missing is any response from the rest of the world. We have Americans all over the world helping with numerous nations’ problems, sharing our national goodwill, wealth and even giving the lives of our most promising youth. Where are the U.N., European Union, Israel and the other world players in our time of need? I have not heard one mention.

I just hope this is remembered in our future relations. Let’s start putting America first whatever the election may bring.

Chuck Kavcsak


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