Bryan Andersen: Leaving on a low

November 10, 2012 

Leaving on a low

Luckily, Steve Ford is soon retiring. Lucky for him (everyone deserves to retire at some point in their lives), and lucky for us, as perhaps his replacement will be more in tune with The N&O’s readers, and not just himself. Unluckily for us, he is going into retirement on a low point. His logic, and his writing, gets worse and worse as his days get shorter. The tone in his Nov. 4 column is condescending, belittling and shows an immature sarcasm, at best. It certainly doesn;t reflect well upon The News & Observer – or of the 50 percent (give or take 2-3 percent) who truly admire Mitt Romney.

A “quarter-billionaire”? Is Ford jealous? To be honest, I wouldn’t say no to making and having that kind of money – and the charities that Romney gives to certainly don’t say “no thanks” either.

In all sincerity I wish Ford good luck in his retirement. But let’s hope he’s not like cartoonist Dwane Powell, making guest appearances, if his columns are as poor as this last one.

Bryan Andersen


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