Al Singer: Ethics of wealth

November 10, 2012 

Ethics of wealth

On the Sunday prior to the highly contested election I was moved by Steve Ford’s eloquence regarding the impact of Citizens United and narcissistic policies of the right (Nov. 4 column). Reflecting on the numbers of conservative voters heading to church that morning, I just wondered how they reconcile their political beliefs with their religious convictions and supposed adherence to the teachings of Jesus.

What would Jesus think of all this money being spent by the rich to impel government to keep taxes low to uphold an economic theory that only makes rich people richer and as research shows does not lead to a trickle-down effect to the middle class and poor? How would he have reacted to Mitt Romney’s dismissive and elitist stance on the 47 percent? Just wondering. Perhaps their patriotism and faith extolled in TV ads is but a Halloween mask over avarice and selfishness. WWJD?

Al Singer


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