Lane Schroeder: Lets unload

November 10, 2012 

Let’s unload

Adding ballast to a sinking ship is far from the remedy required to save the ship! The previous four years of President Obama’s administration have heaped on more ballast to the ship that is our nation.

That ballast has consisted of increased debt and lack of fiscal responsibility. Enlarging the federal government piles on more ballast! Why has our electorate chosen to keep an administration with these policies? Why has the news media endorsed such policy? What can we do now to keep our ship afloat?

We can be proud of our state’s vote in this election, as its newly elected will endeavor to unload policies that have been a burden to our economy. There are other states already showing excellent results in this regard. Perhaps these states, by their examples, can persuade the nation to follow suit.

Lane Schroeder


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