Chip Anderson: Hospice not involved

November 12, 2012 

Hospice not involved

Your Nov. 10 headline “Hospice trustee cited in theft” seemed a not-so-subtle attempt to gain readership by spotlighting an organization with the higher visibility – even though that organization was not the victim involved.

Yes, Susan Rouse was on the Hospice of Wake County board of directors and a trustee on the organization’s foundation board. She also has served on other organization’s boards and generally has been an active supporter of many community non-profits. However, to imply by that headline to readers that her relationship with Hospice had anything to do with a possible theft from that agency is a cheap journalistic shot (in my opinion).

I realize further reading of the article reveals the alleged theft has occurred, not from Hospice but from her actual employer – a law firm – but the mental impact of your headline could raise a concern among donors to this reputable hospice provider that is not welcome, nor deserved. Why would the headline not be “Law firm employee cited in theft”?

I am personally stunned by the allegations – as are Rouse’s many friends in this community – and do not understand why this has happened. I can only await an explanation that will eventually be offered and, in the meantime, express regret to our wronged friends at her former law firm.

Chip Anderson

Past board member, Hospice of Wake County

Former chair, Hospice of Wake County Foundation


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