Mike Hoyt: Humans all

November 12, 2012 

Humans all

Columnist A.C. Snow’s Nov. 11 column, aside from being conciliatory, was also an uplifting statement of the human condition in America.

In these pages, we often read of the differences and divisions between us Southerners and those who have settled here from the north, particularly the northeast. We are different. We speak differently. We come from different cultures. And these differences lead to stereotyping. I admit that I have been frequently guilty of just that.

A.C. reminded us that our Northern cousins have exhibited enormous resilience, courage, perseverance and caring in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation. In the end, he gently chided us to remember that we Americans are all human, and when times are tough we help each other.

In an unexpected way, Sandy and A.C. Snow have given all of us who read this newspaper a reason to reconcile shallow differences and to understand that, in the end, there is untold good in all of us.

Mike Hoyt


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