Henry Sasser: Jammed-up name

November 13, 2012 

Jammed-up name

I submitted what I thought to be the perfect name for the upcoming Raleigh Beltline paving project: Jamnation. This is a play on “tarnation,” which I heard all of my life growing up in Wayne County. Such as, “What in tarnation are you doing?”

I explained this in an email to Leah Friedman with NC DOT but, alas, I don’t think she is familiar with this quaint Southern phrase. I was disappointed that “Jamnation” did not make the final-five cut and that folks did not have a chance to vote for it. I mean, one of the final five was “Carmuda Triangle.” Really?

Also, “Jamnation” is something you can shout in your own car when stuck in traffic instead of shouting an ugly curse word or two. So I invite everyone to holler out “Jamnation” when stuck in heavy traffic now or during the upcoming paving project.

Henry Sasser


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