Sean Lovette: Find the focus

November 13, 2012 

Find the focus

After reading and hearing a lot of people lament the end of the United States as we know it in the days following the election, I am ever surprised at the amount of disinformation that is out there.

To hear these naysayers tell it, you would think Mitt Romney’s 47 percent of Americans on the dole were the zombie apocalypse in earnest – a veritable Mongolian horde just over the hill ready to descend and steal the futures of our children and their children.

Yet according to the Congressional Budget Office’s new paper “Choices for Debt Reduction,” the real horde is in the mirror. Left unchecked, health care spending, including Medicare and Medicaid, drive the deficits higher than anything else, while Defense, Social Security, welfare and food stamps are relatively flat or reducing their contribution to the deficit.

It’s health care spending that we need to focus on, folks. Everything else is a distraction.

Sean Lovette


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