Karl Gaskins: Anger on the right

November 14, 2012 

Anger on the right

If you thought that the Republican right was composed of concerned citizens who had honest differences with the way our government was being run, take another look. Their shock at not having their Christian whiteness prevail has resulted in a nationwide tantrum, most revealingly manifested in petitions for secession. Those who claim that racism is no longer a factor in politics are mistaken.

We’ve just re-elected a president who, with the possible exception of upgrading drone warfare from a tactical to a strategic element, has not done or suggested doing one single thing that has not been done or suggested by Republican politicians who came before him. It makes you wonder why he’s been called a socialist, a fascist, Hitler, an Islamist, a non-American, ad infinitum. I know why. They couldn’t call him what they wanted to call him.

I’m an old redneck myself. For decades I’ve been watching my cohorts elect rich white men who made coded promises to keep the blacks down, and watched these statesmen rob of us of our lives and wealth with senseless war and crooked finances.To those who no longer want to be Americans, I’ll say this: Fine. They’re not acting like Americans anyway.

Karl Gaskins


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