Susan Powell: Freedom for all

November 16, 2012 

Freedom for all

Regarding Ed Feulner’s Nov. 10 op-ed article (“Fight for the right”): I am now part of the 47 percent who does not pay income tax anymore. I paid them for 50+ years before retiring. I still pay taxes because I am lucky enough to own a home and consume food, clothing, etc. I am not gay, in fact I have been married to a retired clergyman for 35 years. I have not had an abortion, never in the kind of circumstance where it was even an option, but I do remember what it was like for women in the ’50s and ’60s and what we had to do to get some semblance of equality. I cannot believe we are still voting on whether women should be paid equally for equal work!

When I use the word "freedom" I mean everyone’s freedom – not just for me but for every citizen. I am the quintessential straight WASP woman, but I represent the progressives of every color, creed and sexual orientation who live in this land of the free!

Susan Powell


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