Douglas S. Powell: Always running

November 16, 2012 

Always running

Evidence continues to mount that our Washington leaders can’t do their jobs while in campaign mode, which our current president has said is all the time. The current evidence is the fiscal cliff, the trigger pulling on Dec. 31. That deadline was set back in July, 2011, and now they’re dealing with it with one and a half months left.

Why haven’t they dealt with this before now? Well, they had something much more important to deal with, which was what’s best for themselves, then their party and finally, at a distant third, this country and its citizens. They called it the 2012 elections.

We citizens get the government leadership we deserve, and it’s getting worse and worse. We pay good salaries for these people to work for us for only half the time, or less. I don’t complain without offering up a solution, and it’s one I’ve promoted since before the 2008 elections. The government loves acronyms, so here's one, AIR, for Abolish Incumbent Re-Election. Everyone serves single six-year terms, rejoining normal citizenship for two years, being eligible for elective office only when they are private citizens, rather than when they are supposed to be serving this country and its citizens.

Douglas S. Powell


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